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strategies for teaching reading and math to children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. LD-LA, a six tape video series with guide, includes topics about clarifying the complexity of learning disabilities; strategies for teaching reading and math to children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia; demonstrations of explicit multisensory structured teaching in a variety of classrooms, including whole language; explains phonemic awareness and presents phonemic activities; helps parents to advocate for their children, explains assessments and shows how ADD/ADHD connects to LD. Learn more...

demonstrating successful strategies for effective teaching THE TLD VIDEO PROGRAM, an eight tape video series with guide, about study skills and learning strategies for special education and mainstreamed students, demonstrates successful strategies for effective teaching. Topics include motivation; organization; math; science; social studies; training the brain to learn; early learning with concept acquisition; and reading comprehension. Learn more...

How to teach Shakespeare in the classroomTeaching Shakespeare: A video to help teachers teach ShakespeareTEACHING SHAKESPEARE: New Approaches from the Folger Shakespeare Library (with guide), features lively and successful ways to teach Shakespeare. A video to help teachers overcome student resistance to Shakespeare. Learn more...

Storyteller Jay O'CallahanStorytelling with Jay O'CallahanSTORYTELLING WITH JAY O'CALLAHAN includes three tapes. A Master Class in Storytelling (with guide) shows what makes a story work and how characters can be brought to life. Six Stories About Little Heroes and Herman & Marguerite are original tales for all ages, but especially for children from five on, based on the universal themes of courage, friendship and truth. All three tapes give examples of how we can draw upon the power of the imagination to create our own stories. Learn more...

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