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Storyteller Jay O'Callahan
Video One: A Master Class in Storytelling with Jay O'Callahan
Video 2: Jay O'Callahan telling six stories about little heroes
Video #3: Herman & Marguerite told by master storyteller Jay O'Callahan

Learning Storytelling with Jay O'Callanan

Vineyard Video Productions offers three video tapes with Jay O'Callahan, called by Time Magazine "A Genius Among Storytellers"


master class video coverJay O'Callahan: A Master Class in Storytelling

This tape is useful for the language arts curriculum, K-8; teacher training on the college and in-service level; children's theatre; theater arts; library science.
First Prize:
National Educational Film Festival.
for library video collections by the ALA/Carnegie Project.
Media & Methods Awards: Outstanding Language Arts Video.

Storytelling sparks the imagination. Through demonstration and discussion, master storyteller Jay O'Callahan shows what makes a story work and how characters can be brought to life. He talks about why we tell stories and considers the uses of storytelling as a teaching activity or an art form. "The mind makes a thousand pictures", O'Callahan says, and then, using no props or scenery, he goes on to create those pictures by his rich use of language, body movement, song and rhythm. In an era dependent on elaborate technological effects to entertain, this brilliant storyteller will inspire all who watch him to create delightful theater of their own, with resources no more elaborate then their imagination played out in language, song and motion. An excellent workshop guide suggests exercises to stimulate this storytelling in students.

Jay O'Callahan is a one-man cultural renaissance.
. these tapes should be required viewing for all between the ages of five and ninety-five...highly recommended for all public and elementary school librarians." -The Video Librarian Master Class Video 33 minutes, color, extensive workshop guide $49.95
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Videos produced by Vineyard Video Productions about Jay O'Callahan and Storytelling

Six Stories About Little Heroes
Original tales on the universal themes of courage, friendship and truth
Herman and Marguerite
The story of an insecure worm and a frightened
caterpillar (later a butterfly) who learn to look at themselves and each other with love and respect as they help bring Spring to the earth.

ESPECIALLY CHILDREN -Award winning children's videos by noted storyteller Jay O'Callahan-

Six Stories About Little Heroes and Herman & Marguerite, two videotapes which the non-profit Coalition for Quality Children's Video have endorsed as among the "best in children's videos".

"Jay O'Callahan masterfully tells original tales in Six the
beautiful Herman & Marguerite, he spellbindingly weaves an intricate tale of friendship and mutual support." -Booklist (American Library Association)

In Six Stories About Little Heroes, the viewer encounters child heroines, and heroines, real and fantastic, in worlds peopled by kings and knights, frogs and bees, and giant raisin cookies. In Herman and Marguerite, a fearful worm named Herman makes friends with an equally anxious caterpillar named Marguerite. Together they help to bring Spring to the earth and learn to be proud of themselves in the process. The stories are gentle, about trust and friendship, courage and common sense. They do not bombard the senses but O'Callahan's lyrical use of language, his song and movement, do mesmerize the viewer and inspire the imagination. Jay O'Callahan, described as "a genius among storytellers" by Time, has been telling stories around the world for almost 30 years.

In Six Stories, he announces, "Everyone has a story in them. You do too!" And children watching him (along with parents) may well be moved by these videos to recreate stories from their daily lives or from the life of their minds. This is not passive viewing!

Vineyard Video Productions is a small, non-profit production company in West Tisbury, Massachusetts, whose work has been acclaimed by major educational and library publications. Six Stories About Little Heroes and Herman and Marguerite were highly recommended by Booklist, the official magazine of the American Library Association. Six Stories won first place for "Fiction for Young People" at the National Educational Film Festival and was a finalist at the American Film and Video Festival. Herman and Marguerite took a "Best of Category" in the Birmingham International Educational Film Festival.

Both of these stories are now available on one DVD for $24.95.

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