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LD-LA Learning Disabilities - Learning Abilities - How to order the LD->LA Tapes

We accept checks or credit card orders (Visa or Master Card) or purchase numbers from institutions. To order please mail or fax the order form below.

All titles are in DVD format.
Purchase price does not include streaming rights.
For information, please call: 508-693-3584

Mailing Address:
Vineyard Video Productions
Marjory & Robert Potts
P.O. Box 806
74 Elias Lane
West Tisbury, MA 02575-0806


For a full understanding of the other tapes, it is essential to become acquainted with the material in Tape 1: Introduction. This tape may be purchased separately, but it must be purchased along with any of the other tapes. Tapes 2 and 3 are sequential and may not be purchased separately.

Tapes may be cued to watch in shorter segments We do not send tapes out for previewing. A 31-minute Demonstration Tape is available for $16.00, including shipping. A $10.00 credit will be given towards purchase of tapes with return of the demonstration tape.

 Demonstration Tape DVD   $ 16.00
 LD-LA Introduction DVD   79.95
 LD-LA Tapes 2 & 3 DVD  
 LD-LA Tape 4 DVD  
 LD-LA Tape 5 DVD   79.95
 LD-LA Tape 6 DVD  
LD-LA Resource Guide     
Complete Set (6 tapes & resource guide) DVD     399.75
Shipping/Handling $8(1-4 tapes); $12(5-8 tapes)      

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