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About LD-LA: Learning Disabilites, Learning Abilities

"By far the best video series on learning disabilities that I have ever excellent overview of the reading process, how reading skills are acquired, and the reasons so many children have difficulties learning to read." -Joseph Torgesen, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, Reading Research, NICH
Professor of Psychology, Florida State University

No Child Should be Left Behind! Research from the National Institutes of Child Health says teaching techniques can make the difference in whether a child learns to read. This video series defines and demonstrates the teaching techniques supported by the NICH, the National Reading Panel and the U.S. Department of Education. Children can achieve early literacy!

Written About TLD: Teaching the Learning Disabled

"Superb! This easy-to-watch series helps educators understand the important characteristics and problems of LD students. It is packed with timely, useful information and practical, innovative teaching ideas."
-Jamie Williams, M.Ed., Coordinator, The Learning Therapist Graduate Certificate Program, Southern Methodist University

Written For Making Music: The Emerson String Quartet

"Making Music should be of interest to chamber music lovers, to music students, to anyone who is fascinated by the dynamic of four persons of great individuality working successfully toward a common goal." -Lawrence Lesser, President New England Conservatory of Music

Written About Their Lives in Art : Robert Henry and Selina Trieff,

"Their Lives in Art: Robert Henry and Selina Trieff is valuable for its subjects alone: Henry and Trieff are serious, committed artists of great talent and maturity and also human beings worth knowing.

Their humor and intelligence shows throughout whether they are reminiscing about their lives, talking about art, or commenting on relationships among partners and families.

The carefully crafted, cleverly pieced-together documentary provides a range of insights from how one decides to be an artist given families who would have preferred more "secure" professions for their kids; how to make a go of training on a shoestring; and how to create a functional family while continuing to make art. The film also shows the artists at work, with voice overs commenting on their process, decision making, and influences.

The film definitely speaks to an audience of those who are thinking about making art, those who are struggling to become artists, and also those who collect and view art.

But the open hearted humanity of Henry and Trieff and the ways in which the film makers help them open up add up to a film of interest even to those who are not already engaged by art. It is rare to find a film that so wonderfully reveals the artistic process and takes a serious look at artists that remains so accessible."

Philip Yenawine,
Author, How To Look At Modern Art
Co-Editor, Art Matters: How the Culture Wars Changed America
Former Director of Education, Museum of Modern Art, NY
Founding Director, Aspen Center for the Visual Arts (Aspen Art Museum), Colorado
National Art Education Association Award for Distinguished Service
Museum Educator of the Year

"This is the most honest, straightforward, no nonsense artists' video that you will ever see, yet it's often quite funny." - April Kingsley, Curator, Kresge Art Museum. Michigan State University

Art students love Their Lives in Art!
Comments from students in a Beginning Painting Class, Northern Illinois University:

  • I liked the the artists' view of how they work, the process of making art, I connected with them, felt I had something in common with them
  • A great motivational piece....
  • I appreciated the struggle of getting one's art seen...
  • It was inspiring, it gave me quite a few ideas, it made me feel happy,
  • I want to live a life like theirs.
  • It was inspiring to see that his (Robert Henry) view on creating a painting isn't all set and planned, but spontaneous and intuitive, coming from a deeper place. I also enjoyed his explanation on how the art work is not a set creation but a constant change, until he feels it's done.
  • I really enjoyed the cuts between the children's perspective and the parents. It put into perspective how things such as having children affects the artists work..
  • Very revealing, entertaining, and reassuring as one who wants to be an artist.
  • I loved seeing art and lives forming.

About Teaching Shakespear: New Approaches from the Folger Shakespeare Library

"All teachers of Shakespeare should purchase this production." -School Library Journal

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