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Teaching the Learning Disabled Study Skills and Strategies

Learning Disabilities are often based on different ways of learning. The TLD Video Program, a series of eight videos, includes topics dealing with motivation, organization, reading concepts, math strategies, multisensory learning techniques and science. The series was produced with outstanding master teachers in Special Education to help professionals working with kindergarten through adults teach LD students across the curriculum. The tapes provide a good in-service for teachers who have mainstreamed LD students in their classroom and are excellent for programming with parent groups.

"Superb! This easy-to-watch series helps educators understand the important characteristics and problems of LD students. It is packed with timely, useful information and practical, innovative teaching ideas."
-Jamie Williams, M.Ed., Coordinator, The Learning Therapist Graduate Certificate Program, Southern Methodist University

First TLD Tape: Introduction, Recognizing, Understanding and Overcoming Learning Disabilities Introduction: Recognizing, Understanding and Overcoming Learning Disabilities
Judith R Birsh, Ed.D. Teachers College, Columbia University Editor, Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills (Brooks Publishing, 1999)

Dr. Birsh, series editor, presents an overview of the TLD VIDEO PROGRAM with a brief look at all the educators in action. This tape will help teachers recognize learning disabilities. It explains learning problems and demonstrates practical teaching strategies. Ideal for the general classroom teacher with mainstreamed LD students and as a concise preview for the entire series.
(33 minutes, Teachers K-Adult) click here to order
2nd TLD tape: Motivation: How to encourage the learning disabled student Motivation: How to Encourage the Learning Disabled Student
Margaret Jo Shepherd, Ed.D. Recently retired as Professor of Education and Coordinator of the Learning Disabilities Program, Teachers College, Columbia University

Dr. Shepherd explains techniques teachers can use to instill motivation in learning disabled children so that these students can move from a feeling of learned helplessness to one of confidence, raising their self-esteem. She illustrates why children who struggle to learn have such a fragile sense of themselves. Her goal is to encourage teachers and parents to inspire students to work for the satisfaction learning rather than from a desire for approval.
(30 minutes, Teachers K-Adult) click here to order
Third TLD Tape: Organizing Time, Materials and Information Organizing Time, Materials and Information
Connie Slover Burkhalter, Ed.M. Scottish Rite Dyslexia Center, Dallas

Connie Burkhalter tells why study skills need to be organized and takes the viewer one step at a time through procedures that will help break old habits and build effective, new ways to learn. These essential thinking tools, once applied, will help the LD student cope with note-taking, classroom listening, studying and completing homework - usually insurmountable tasks. We know what the student needs to know - this tells how they can do it.
(40 minutes, K-College) click here to order
4th TLD Tape: Mathematics Learning Strategies Mathematics Learning Strategies
Jeannette Fleischner, Ed.D. Former Professor of Education, Department of Special Education Teachers College, Columbia University; Former President of the Council for Exceptional Children's Division of Learning Disabilities.
Katherine Garnett, Ed.D., Associate Professor/Coordinator of Learning Disabilities Program, Department of Special Education Hunter College, City University of New York; Editor of Division of Learning Disabilities Times (Council for Exceptional Children).

Drs. Fleischner and Garnett explain how LD students actually solve math problems and give practical tips on how to get at the root causes of their math errors. With demonstrations of specific strategies, the tape covers problem solving, basic arithmetic, and makes points about number systems. (55 minutes, K-8) click here to order
5th TLD Tape: Science for the Senses Science for the Senses
Ira Kanis, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Science, City of New York Public Schools Hunter College, City University of New York

As a former Assistant to the Director of Science for the City of New York Public Schools, he was responsible for city wide pedagogical functions relating to Science Curriculum and Instructional Development. Dr. Kanis has written extensively about methods of science instruction for the classroom teacher. Dr. Kanis shows why science is particularly good multisensory subject for the LD student. He takes teachers through two lively, hands-on scientific experiments, which also stress the LD student's use of math and the language arts skills in the inquiry and process of science. He engagingly demonstrates how the scientific method can be applied to day-to-day problem solving situations with elementary and middle school students.
(43 minutes, Grades 4-10) click here to order
Sixth TLD Tape: Multisensory Social Studies Multisensory Social Studies
Margo Mastropieri, Ph.D. Professor of Special Education Purdue University Co-author: -Teaching Students Ways to Remember: Strategies for Learning Mnemonically (Brookline Books) -Effective Instruction for Special Education (Little Brown)
Dr. Mastropieri, who specializes in strategies for teaching exceptional students, uses the model called reconstructive elaborations (mimetics, keywords, pegwords), to show how various skills can be adopted and mastered so that the LD student can confidently and successfully become involved in social studies. By using this model, content area information becomes more meaningful, familiar and concrete and, therefore, more memorable and ready for use in the regular classroom.
(28 minutes, Grades 4-10) click here to order
Seventh TLD Tape: Training the Brain to Learn Training the Brain to Learn
Jane Healy, Ph.D. Author: Endangered Minds: Why Our Children Don't Learn (Simon & Schuster, 1990)
Dr. Healy covers a wide variety of topics about the brain's development and how it relates to the difficulties encountered by the LD student. Practical guidelines for teachers who want to understand how study skills develop and help students acquire them. She offers insight and hope in talking about why some students' brains seem naturally "disorganized", what skills should we expect at different ages and how to deal with "memory problems". Maladaptive learning skills can be eliminated if the brain is exposed to new dimensions and ways of learning. She explains how.
(30 minutes, Teachers of All Grade Levels) click here to order
Eighth TLD Tape: Concept Acquisition and Early Learning, Reading Comprehension and Interactive Strategies Concept Acquisition and Early Learning (Part I)
Reading Comprehension: Interactive Strategies (Part II)

Anne E. Boehm, Ph.D. Teachers College, Columbia University
Part I:
Dr. Boehm shows how a firm grounding in basic concepts such as position, size, and quantity can enable the learner to move to more complex situations and problems. She demonstrates how the strategy interview can be used to find out why the LD student cannot grasp basic concepts, often used when teachers give directions.
(30 minutes, K-Adult) click here to order

Joanna P. Williams, Ph.D. Teachers College, Columbia University
Part II: Dr. Williams presents her excellent synthesis of current research on teaching reading comprehension strategies - a carefully organized model for teaching reading comprehension to LD students.
(30 minutes, K-Adult) click here to order

An extensive presenter's manual accompanies the TLD Series. This includes a summary of each tape, viewing activities, resources and handouts.
Click here to order the TLD Series.

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